First post

Let’s do this…together. Buddha Mama is for all of us. I want to share my thoughts with you and I welcome you to share your thoughts with me. Here’s what I’m after…I need a tribe, I need more abundance, I need more like-minded Buddha mom’s to walk the path with me. I’m a 40 year old single mom with 3 kids. …The road is no doubt arduous and while we each have to inevitably walk alone, why not join forces along the way? Maybe you’re not a single mom, that’s great too. Maybe you’re a dad. Or a single girl in her thirties or forties-which by the way, as I’ve found becoming single at 36- there is some potentially potent fierceness about this breed. More on that later. I believe our differences bring us a bigger perspective if we allow it. I need BIGGER.

After reaching some pinnacles on my path lately I feel like I’m standing with higher visibility just like the photo. Of course getting to those pinnacles of clarity do not come without experiencing the depths below. And I still experience them. My life is far from perfect. I suffer the same pains we all do…I need to make more money. I want to be a better mom. I would like to find love with a partner that’s supportive and healthy. That’s my story but I cling lightly to it. I’m open to re-writing my story, starting now.

My intention is that Buddha Mama will be a place of inspiration, clarity and support with a spiritual context that’s applicable to real life. Let’s live better. Let’s create a life by design. Let’s commit to experiencing more happiness. It’s not all rosy and cheerful all the time, but if we dedicate a few minutes a day to exploring what works and what doesn’t I think we will make serious headway. Buddha Mama will attempt to answer big questions and take little steps to get to the new. So I’m inviting you to join me and bring your perspective with an open heart. Share, connect, and discover the unknown. Let’s do this together fellow Buddha mamas and papas.

with ♥, Brooke

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