What’s at the Center of the Storm?


Backyard sunset Encinitas, CA 1-7-14

You know when things go wonky and you feel like life has taken over? When the storm is raging and there is little you can do but keep your head above water and keep going…keep moving until it subsides? Well we’ve all been through it. …wow there is some real connectivity in that sentence to explore–we’ve ALL experienced the darkest hour (rich or poor, healthy or sick) and truthfully as life goes on we’ll experience it again. And again.

*Here’s an experiment: when you go out today and come across strangers- at the grocery store, at school pick up or the bank, wherever…be conscious to the fact that just like you, they’ve had a very dark hour in their life. Maybe their dark hour isn’t today and who knows maybe it is?…but just be aware of that knowing and see if you feel more connected to them.

My dark hour at 15 was much different than it was at 39, but my reaction to it is much the same. *Mediation.* I was lucky to find it at 15 and I knew then I would be doing it for the rest of my life. Meditation is the center of my storm. For me there is no other way to feel sane. I close my eyes and literally let go of the drama I’ve been juggling…it just falls away. And the truth is: it’s a secret weapon. I can’t explain it entirely because just like you can’t exactly explain the way chocolate tastes; you have to experience it to know it. But since I’m writing a blog here I’ll try.

What if you could just put down the plaguing thoughts for a while? What if you could escape to a tropical paradise for an hour where the worries didn’t matter at all? And the best part is, when you return to life as it was before, it’s not the same. It’s manageable! This is where if you’re just starting your mediation adventure you might need some blind faith to believe that, but it’s true!  Try it. What do you have to lose besides maybe anxiety?

“Buddha Mama”- my youngest daughter Delilah started to call me that about a year ago. I can always count on her for brutal honesty. After a bit of meditation she would say, “Mommy I really like it when you’re a Buddha Mama because you’re so much nicer and calmer.” And of course she’s right. It’s not complicated….meditation is like cleaning the windows, the light just shines through easier. …And apparently so does niceness. 🙂

In case you’re wondering how to meditate I’ll share some thoughts, but feel free to share yours too! The mind is always juggling something right? If you think about it, we never stop thinking. Ever. Even during sleep our thought patterns are still at work. So try replacing the usual thought patterns with a single mantra.

(Definition of mantra: a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation).

Kind of like listening to your favorite song over and over… you’ll gain focus when you just have one thought repeating itself and the other thoughts will fade. For your mantra, pick something soothing. You can even google good mantra and explore some.

The key is to keep coming back to the mantra when your mind runs away with another thought. They call it the monkey mind for a reason. But eventually when the focus comes and mind settles -you’ll find the REAL goods! Peace at last…

Please feel free to share your thoughts on meditation and any other helpful tools you have at the center of the storm.

with ♥, Brooke





2 thoughts on “What’s at the Center of the Storm?

  1. Monkey mind?? That is totally what I would call mine. I realized, after reading this, that I have not practiced meditation in a long time…
    …maybe it’s time to return.

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