Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey (ok, me)

Jack Handey world quote

As my personal world has been a little chaotic lately I find myself drawn away from writing, which is therapeutic for me. It’s like an anchor or better yet…a bread crumb trail. I go back and read through a few blog posts and remember the frame of mind I was in when I wrote each one and it’s a little eye opening. Just like a journal (which I try and remind myself – many successful, society improving contributors have kept- it’s good for me!) writing allows me to visualize the evolutionary path I’m walking down. We are headed down the path whether we write about it or not, but keeping a journal is like painting or singing…it gives a voice. And it shows us patterns and somewhat sketches an outline of where we’re naturally headed. I suppose blogging is more like writing a song and showing up at the coffee shop to sing it, but it feels much the same in reflection.

Amid the chaos lately of job hunting, getting my soon-to-be 18 year old son signed up for classes at his college in the fall and fixing his car (which was t-boned recently -he’s ok btw), I’ve been asking myself a question. Please feel free to have a really good laugh as I do too, ….How far am I from greatness? The reason I laugh is because from the outside looking in my life has never seemed less stable. To be fair it’s been a roller coaster of changes, from divorce, followed by a few relationships that didn’t work, to moving twice and some job hopping thrown in there. Now I’m job hunting again and possibly moving again, but there’s a shift. My approach is different and to be clear I’m different.  I want to explain without seeming too far off the deep end but here goes…

If you remember the Mayan calendar ended in December 2012? Coincidentally the same month my 15 year marriage ended. Well one theory about that calendar ending (besides people thinking the world would end) is that is was possibly the end of an era. The Kali Yuga. A Kali Yuga is a dark time (the darkest) of which we humans cycle through here on the physical plane. During this yuga we’re not at our most elevated enlightened and connected selves. We’re battling it out -dark and light, good and bad, righteous and evil, moral and destitute. But there are other eras that are much lighter… i.e. the golden era, likely the time when the Egyptian pyramids were built. They built stone pyramids in the exact center of the earth that lined up with the constellations precisely and we still don’t know how they did it or how they used the pyramids entirely. And as all things are cyclical here on earth, we will cycle back from this Kali Yuga through lighter eras eventually back to a golden era. And so as metaphysical scientists and cosmologists have theorized, perhaps December 2012 was the ending of a dark time and we are now on an upward accent.

That’s a pretty good parallel to my life and it relates to why I feel different. I’ve cleared a lot of “baggage” (sorry to my ex-husband because that sounds negative), but really it’s a positive. He and I were able to let go of something that didn’t work and that’s not easy to do. Especially when you’ve invested 15 years and have 3 kids. Yes since that time I’ve cleared even more. If life lessons are ever a -nose to the grindstone, get down and study for finals, you better learn quick- pocket of time, that’s where I’ve been. That’s where I am.

And as the singular, so goes the whole, we can all ask ourselves…How far am I from greatness? The answer took me on a little tour. First I thought of people that I’ve considered to have led great lives. Besides the Sages of which there are many, other people have demonstrated incredible courage, dedication, leadership and certainly greatness. Martin Luther Kind Jr., Joe Medicine Crow, Esther Afua Ocloo, and Harriet Tubman to name a few have all showed incredible determination and strength. After some reflection on their lives I’ve realigned my belief about greatness. When we are really up against challenges and obstacles, our greatness lies in coming out whole on the other side; or better yet, coming out improved. Now I’ll admit often many of our “challenges” are self-created limitations, but if we are unaware of how we created those self-limiting beliefs then overcoming them, even just becoming aware of them, is a very real obstacle to tackle. And sometimes our challenge is not overcoming self-limiting beliefs..sometimes life (or karma) just deals us a very hard blow and it’s our time to walk through the dark night.

Whichever obstacle we face I know one thing…we are all facing something. 

I recommend The Great Work of Your Life by Stephen Cope for more on the topic.

And just to keep it light…

Jack Handey bum quote

…Am I the only one who misses Jack Handey from SNL?!

Anyway, I still don’t know how far from greatness I am, but I like to think I’m closer to looking back in the near future and seeing those challenges faced and maybe, hopefully, I’ll be a little improved.

I hope you enjoyed this fairly random blog post, and if you feel inspired to share, please know I welcome your comments and love connecting with you all!

with ♥, Brooke


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